About us

Hackademy is an informal learning institution by the web community of Radiobubble. Its legal basis is a non-profit cooperative society, founded by several core members of the Radiobubble community. The aim of the cooperative is to grow towards several directions, through relevant activities, in accordance to its social character.

The basic and primary activity of the cooperative is the development of several Hackademy learning programs as well as setting up hackademy.edu.gr, a website related to these programs. The aim is to make hackademy.edu.gr grow as a repository of research and knowledge.

The Hackademy founding team aspires that the project will serve as a hub of interconnection between the three decisive poles of the media ecosystem: the civil society, media professionals & media organizations and the academic society.

Hackademy and its educational programs were designed by four members of the Radiobubble community, known in Twitter as @O_Kanalarhis@galaxyarchis and @doleross.

The Hackademy logo and the site were designed by @MindThe_Gab.

Hackademy CIC/Social Cooperative
Participatory Journalism & New Media
Social Entrepreneurship Registration Number with the
Greek Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare # D00062

"Social cooperative enterprise" as defined under Greek law 4019/2011 is the legal equivalent of a Community Interest Company in the United Kingdom and a Social Cooperative in other countries of the European Union.
The articles of association of Hackademy define the overarching goal of Hackademy as the pursuit of the common interest at the service of society as a whole. Its operating principles are:
1. The promotion of the common interest through the production of goods or the delivery of services of collective and social character
2. The precedence of individuals and labour over capital, and
3. The promotion of the concept of citizen journalism as an integral part of training on new media and journalism. 

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