Back to school with Hackademy

There is something new about media education in Greece this fall, calling professionals to return to class and refresh their skills. Hackademy ( has just been launched as an informal learning institution that specializes in this field, inspired by the mentality of innovative, participatory, online journalism.

Hackademy comes as a dynamic extension of Radiobubble, a web community and an actual meeting space for active parts of the vivid greek cyberspace. During the last year, the community has focused on the enforcement of a community-driven information network, based mostly on Twitter and on the established #rbnews hashtag. Radiobubble News has offered a renowned alternative news coverage during the escalating greek crisis, and has become a news source that reaches audiences beyond the greek borders.

Such an experience, along with the academic knowledge of several members of the community, led to the formation of Hackademy, which is structured as an non-profit cooperative society. “Hackademics” are traditional and new media specialists, as well as academics and experts in web-relevant fields. The first educational Hackademy programs are scheduled in early November and will focus on Journalism & New Media and on Web Radio. They consist of lectures and workshops, covering different fields of knowledge. Journalists are the core target group of these programs, yet their content applies in a more general field of communication professionals, citizen journalists and media workers in a wide sense.

Classes will be hosted by CoLab in Athens. To apply for a Hackademy class, you may contact hackademy.radiobubble (at) , follow @hackademy on Twitter or “like”

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